Session Flow

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Equipment Requirments: 

You must meet one of the following device requirements to experience the 1:1 conversation for tutees at Kid2Kid, practice communication skills and make friends.

Computer +Camera +Headset 


Laptop(with interal or external camera) + Headset



Macbook or Mac Air


iPad with IOS 12


Coversation Process: 

1. User Application 

Complete your register through our website, fill in your child's information, and describe your child's interests and hobbies in a more detailed manner to help him/her find a matched partner with common topics. We will certify your registration information within 24 hours.


2. Schedule your time slots

After complete your profile, you can select your avaliable time periods at next 2 weeks. 


        Scheudle your time       Receive bookings        Start Conversation 


3. Email notification 

Once your schedule got booked, you will receive an email confirmation including booking number, and sytem will send you another email notifcation 24 hours in advance of your appointment. 


4. Enter live chatroom

Follow the instructions on your appointment confirmation letter, your child could log in to our online conversation window to start a conversation with a partner for 20 minutes. The chatting window will closes automatically after the session ends.


5. Receive payment 

The payment will show on your balance once your partner makes a confirmation, or 24 hours after the session completes. 

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